Construction & Strata Management Law.

We have extensive experience advising and acting for management corporations in relation to all types of property related matters and transactions under the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Cap. 157) and the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (Cap. 30C) and have advised and acted for subsidiary proprietors in strata title properties in collective or en–bloc sales transactions.

We also advise managing agents in relation to the laws relating to the management of estates; and have assisted in the procurement of the compliance of subsidiary proprietors and residents of the By–Laws of estates and the laws governing the same.

Our lawyers can assist in the following areas of Property Management:

  • To draft relevant and appropriate agreements and to commence necessary legal action to ensure that an estate is maintained in satisfactory and serviceable condition and properly maintained according to the standards required by the relevant authorities; and to recommend any works which are necessary to the Management Corporation;
  • To enforce warranties (when necessary), given by contractors to the Management Corporation;
  • To assist the Management Corporation and its Managing Agent to ensure that the estate is in compliance with any applicable laws, regulations and directions affecting the Management Corporation for the property management and maintenance of buildings and common property in Singapore;
  • To ensure that contractors carry out their duties and responsibilities properly;
  • To manage, demand and recover payment of the maintenance charges and all other charges payable to the Management Corporation from all the subsidiary proprietors and all monies payable to the Management Corporation from other persons;
  • To give notices to any person in the estate to comply with or remedy a breach of any of the BMSMA rules; By–laws and House Rules and as may be amended;
  • To convene and attend all meetings with the Management Corporation and/or the Council and record, produce and circulate minutes of meetings and other papers relevant for the meetings; and
  • To ensure that all applicable laws and regulations, rules or by–laws including the BMSMA and the Land Titles (Strata )Act are complied with .