Samuel Seow Samuel Seow
Lew Shaun Marc Lew Shaun Marc
Samuel Seow An Samuel Seow An
Ramesh (Raymond) Ramesh
Serene Tan Aaron Pereira
Patrick Dahm Aaron Pereira
Sathinathan Karuppiah Sathinathan Karuppiah
Timothy Wu Timothy Wu
Joyce Chan Joyce Chan
Hasrianthy Bte Lelabistary Hasrianthy Bte Lelabistary
Brenda Kong Brenda Kong
Wang Bo Chong Wang Bo Chong
Rafiee Bin Bakran Rafiee Bin Bakran
Nadra Amirah binte Janid Nadra Amirah binte Janid
Managing Director, Samuel Seow Law Corporation
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore
Commissioner for Oaths
Notary Public
Registered Patent Agent
In 2005, armed with a cash loan and the support of 2 friends, Samuel Seow incorporated Samuel Seow Law Corporation ("SSLC") with a mission to change the way legal practice is conducted – where the indifference and general "stuffiness" people associate with legal practice is replaced with genuine warmth and compassion. These lofty ambitions started humbly. Before incorporation, the founding partners of the law corporation would meet weekly at the McDonalds outlet in Clarke Quay to strategise and plan for the future of the business. When the law corporation was finally incorporated on 17 March 2005, the lawyers first worked out of the small one–bedroom apartment in which Samuel had then lived.

Samuel Seow, at that time, became the Managing Director of the new business and was far from the "celebrity lawyer" he has been dubbed by the local press to be today. He was a young, nervous, struggling entrepreneur compelled to face the challenges of entrepreneurship head on as he navigated SSLC into safe waters at a time when the Asian Financial Crisis loomed.

Today the law corporation has surpassed expectations and terse comments that "Singapore is never going to need an entertainment lawyer" and has garnered accolades and awards both locally and internationally, and has grown beyond its position as "Singapore‘s first media law firm" to a respected, full service medium–sized legal practice. Through positive word-of-mouth and through savvy marketing of SSLC and Samuel Seow as a public persona, SSLC is, today, a well-recognised name in the legal and entertainment industries. For his achievements, Samuel was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise award in 2011. For years, SSLC has been ranked annually in the prestigious Asia-Pacific Legal 500, where Samuel is listed as a "significant individual". SSLC has also been recognized as "Media & Entertainment Law Firm of the Year Award in Singapore" as part of the Global Awards. For its contributions exceeding S$300,000 annually to the arts, the National Arts Council has awarded to SSLC the "Distinguished Patron of the Arts Award " every year since 2010. Samuel is also today the Co-Chairman of the Theatre Practice and nominated to sit on the board of assessors for the Major Grants Panel of the National Arts Council.

SSLC has also stretched its wings outside of Singapore to neighbouring Malaysia, where its Malaysian associated office, Seow & Associates (which is also featured in the Asia Pacific Legal 500), today repeats the success story of SSLC and represents some of the most exciting media companies across the causeway, including the Pinewood Iskandar Studios, an integrated media production studio facility which opened its doors to the world on 14 June 2014.

Samuel has been keenly involved in all aspects of Samuel Seow Law Corporation since its incorporation and remains committed to building a legal practice upon the foundations of passion, creativity and love.
Devi Haridas
Litigation Associate

"Civil litigation has been the mainstay of Devi Haridas for the past 27 years. She has had conduct of a wide variety of civil & commercial litigation matters before choosing to specialize in Intellectual Property Law. In 1997, she was conferred a Master of Laws (Intellectual Property) degree by Queen Mary & Westfield College of the University of London.

Being involved in several community organizations, Devi Haridas has conducted many legal educational and other presentations for a variety of audiences. She serves as an Adjunct Faculty Member of National Community Leadership Institute, a part of the People’s Association’s training network. She has also served on several committees that were set up to look into specific issues, including public policy matters. Her experience as a litigator in civil/commercial matters, combined with her practical knowledge of concerns at the ground, provided a broad perspective of issues. Devi Haridas is also an Associate Faculty Member of the SIM University, where she developed, wrote and launched the course, “The Law and You” and co-developed, co-wrote and launched the course, “Elements of Conveyancing Practice”.

Jolene Lim
Associate, Corporate and Commercial Practice Group
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore
Jolene is an Associate in the Corporate and Commercial Practice Group of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

She first joined the firm in 2011 as an intern.

After graduating from the Singapore Management University, School of Law, she returned to Samuel Seow Law Corporation as a Practice Trainee, and is, today, an Associate.

Her vigour and passion for her work is matched by her competency in all she sets out to do. She specialises in the area of Personal Data Protection Compliance and has provided training, conducted audits, as well as reviewed documents to ensure compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Jolene also deals with general corporate matters including the reviewing and drafting of commercial agreements, providing commercial advice, as well as working on matters relating to the niche area of media and entertainment law.

In her (non–existent) free time, Jolene can be found replying to work emails on her phone whilst lifting (non–existent) weights in the gym.
Shaun Marc Lew
Associate, Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore
Shaun Marc Lew is an Associate in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group of Samuel Seow Law Corporation. He is an Advocate and Solicitor called to the Singapore Bar.

Shaun possesses experience in several aspects of general litigation work including probate, matrimonial matters, personal injury and commercial litigation. Shaun also advises on wills and lasting powers of attorney as well as other aspects of estate planning.

Pursuant to the spirit of love from which the founder Samuel has built the firm on, Shaun volunteers at the Legal Aid Clinic and the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) - platforms where his legal knowledge and altruism meet.

Shaun can be reached at
Vishnu Aditya Naidu
Litigation Associate

"Aditya Naidu graduated from the University of Exeter with Honours and was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2015.

Aditya’s main area of practice is in Civil Litigation and he has garnered a wide array of experience in cases dealing with Insurance Litigation, Contractual Disputes, Tenancy Disputes as well as in Family Law.

In his free time, Aditya enjoys reading and playing football, both on screen and off."

Ron Alvin Soh
Corporate Legal Associate

Ron Alvin Soh graduated from the University of Tasmania, Australia with 2 nd (Upper) Honours and was called to the Bar in 2016, with a distinction in the Civil Litigation aspect of the Bar Exams. 

Prior to his admission, he had worked on mostly litigation and international arbitration matters where he honed his skills and gained invaluable experiences. Having hailed from the dispute end of contractual issues, he joined Samuel Seow Law Corporation as an Associate under the Corporate Department where he now uses those skills and experiences to assist in preventing our clients from going into costly litigious proceedings. However, staying true to his roots, Ron is still attending to litigation and arbitration matters where required and hopes to be able to provide a holistic service to his clients.

Ron’s previous experience includes:

  1. Banking;
  2. Admiralty
  3. Contracts, and
  4. International Arbitration

Outside the office, Ron also bowls for the Law Society and is a regular at the Bench and Bar Games. In his free time, he likes traveling, soccer and prefers nature sightseeing over shopping.

Aaron Christian Tan
Legal Executive, Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group
Aaron graduated from the University of Sydney (Australia) with an LL.B in 2012. He has since completed Part A of the Singapore Bar Examinations in August 2013, and will be called to the Singapore bar in 2015.

Upon completion of his Practice Traineeship in Samuel Seow Law Corporation, Aaron is presently a Legal Executive in our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group. In his time with the law corporation, Aaron has assisted in the drafting of letters of demand, affidavits and pleadings for various contractual disputes. He has also assisted on submissions for several interlocutory injunction applications.

Quite the fitness buff, in his free time, Aaron enjoys running and swimming. He also enjoys having coffee with friends or in the alternative, reading non–fiction books and other wholesome publications.
Francois Vieillescazes
Foreign Legal Advisor
Francois Vieillescazes is a Foreign Legal Advisor with the Intellectual Property and the Corporate and Commercial Practice Groups of Samuel Seow Law Corporation. He is a member of the Paris Bar and holds a Master of Laws from the University of London.

Francois has extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property and general experience in corporate, contractual, litigation and arbitration matters in Europe and Asia, having successively worked in the legal field in France, South Korea, Singapore (already with Samuel Seow Law Corporation!), China, and Singapore again.

Drawing on his global experience, his practice at Samuel Seow Law Corporation focuses on advising clients on appropriate strategies for the protection of their intellectual property rights on a global basis, ensuring the registration and enforcement of the said rights, as well as advising on a broad range of international commercial and media contracts.

Francois can be reached at .
Laurentia Funk
PA to Managing Director

"Laurentia Funk (affectionately known as “Laura” in the office) is a Personal Assistant to our Managing Director, Mr Samuel Seow.

Laura has extensive work experience in an office environment and within service industries. Such experience has developed within her the varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of people. Laura is married with two children aged 20 and 18 years old. After juggling her professional and familial responsibilities, in whatever free time she has, Laura indulges in her hobbies of music, movies and reading.

Laura can be reached at [email protected]"

Yzelman Erin Marie
Litigation Paralegal
Erin Marie is a Paralegal in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution department of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

Her work scope involves assisting the lawyers in the Law Corporation in debt recovery cases; MCST claims; and claims relating to online copyright infringement. Erin first joined the Law Corporation as Personal Assistant to Mr Samuel Seow. Subsequently she pursued her Paralegal Studies, and rejoined the Law Corporation as Paralegal. With her keen attention to detail and her zeal for learning new things, Erin takes on challenges thrown her way with confidence and vigour.

Erin possesses a flamboyant character and doesn't fail to show it every once in a while. Apart from the law, Erin's other loves are animals, music and dancing, amongst other things. It is not surprising then that she has a veritable 'zoo' at home wherein her animals and her may be seen grooving to tunes every now and then.

Erin can be reached at
Joyce Chan
Corporate Legal Secretary
Joyce Chan is a Legal Secretary within the Corporate and Commercial Practice Group of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

A firm believer in the virtues of hard work, Joyce ably assists the lawyers in the Practice Group in the administration of the files.

A practitioner of meditation and yoga, Joyce is an empathic and passionate individual who treasures her family the most. During her free time, she enjoys cycling, cooking and baking. Joyce also believes that sometimes you have to forget the past, appreciate the present and look forward to what’s coming next.

Joyce can be reached at
Hasrianthy Bte Lelabistary
Corporate Legal Secretary

Awarded by the Management Development Institute of Singapore, Hasrianthy holds a Professional Certificate in Business Management.

Outside of work, Hasrianthy enjoys listening to music, spending most of her time with her son and travelling.

Serene Tan
Conveyancing Executive, Property and Real Estate Practice Group
Serene Tan is a Conveyancing Executive in the Property and Real Estate Practice Group of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

She is one of the longest serving staff members of the law corporation, having started her career with us within the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group. With her keen attention to detail and her positive work attitude, Serene was then transferred to become the Personal Assistant to our Managing Director, Mr. Samuel Seow, before extending her skills to the field of conveyancing.

In her free time, Serene enjoys the simple life — but is not averse to a wild session of karaoke. Occasionally, or so she says.

Serene can be reached at
Patrick Dahm
Corporate and Commercial Law, International Arbitration, Foreign Practitioner for Singapore Law
Patrick Dahm is a German attorney (deutscher Rechtsanwalt) practising corporate and commercial law, including cyberlaw, and international arbitration as counsel, arbitrator or official legal expert/expert witness. As a foreign practitioner he also has the distinction of being admitted to practise Singapore law.

Patrick is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb), the German Institution of Arbitration (Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit e. V.), the Singapore Academy of Law, the Law Society of Singapore, the Bar Association of Berlin (Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin), the Indo-German Lawyers Association (Deutsch-Indische Juristenvereinigung e. V.), the German-Singaporean Lawyers Association (Deutsch-Singapurische Juristenvereinigung e. V.), and the University of Hamburg Alumni Association (Alumni Universität Hamburg e. V.).

He has published professional articles and delivered speeches and lectures on a variety of subjects, most of them related to international arbitration, corporate commercial and internet law. He is registered with the German Embassy Singapore as official translator for English and German.

Other than that he swims, runs and dives like he was chased, meditates over a bowl of green tea, or reads his body weight in newspapers.
Ramesh Ramalingam
Trade Marks Manager, Intellectual Property Practice Group
Ramesh Ramalingam, affectionately known as "Raymond", is the Trade Marks Manager within the Intellectual Property Practice Group of Samuel Seow Law Corporation. 

To date, Ramesh has amassed over two decades of experience in the field of Intellectual Property prosecution, having worked in other busy practices before joining Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

Ramesh places his clients’ expectations as a matter of priority and always tries his best to undertake his duties with pronounced meticulousness.

An interesting skill he possesses is his ability to conduct trade mark searches for Chinese characters without even knowing the language!

Ramesh likens his love and dedication for trade marks to his love and dedication to the Liverpool Football Club, of which he is a zealous fan.

"Knowledge is everywhere for everyone" and "it’s never too late to learn" are two maxims that have formed the bases of Ramesh’s underlying drive and ambition.

Ramesh can be reached at
Bryan Pusavat
Corporate Legal Executive

"An admitted Solicitor in Queensland, Australia, Bryan Pusavat is a legal executive whose passion and focus is in the use of Intellectual Property Law for the benefit of society. In particular, Bryan believes that the laws can be used to help benefit small inventors, indie artistes or other passionate individuals trying to make it big in the economy.

He initially graduated from Bond University, Queensland Australia with a Bachelors of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws degree. It was at Bond where he discovered his passion of Intellectual Property Laws, and thus undertook, and completed, a Master of Intellectual Property Laws at Queensland University of Technology.

Now having returned to Singapore to practice, Bryan aim to help local, home-grown Singaporean businesses as best he can. Using his legal knowledge in conjunction with his commerce based education to help provide his clients with advice that not only deals with the legal implications of their intangible properties, but ensure his advice will be relevant to his client’s commercial needs."

Chua Peili Jacelyn
Practice Trainee

"Jacelyn graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2012 with a LLB/BA and was called to the bar in Australia in 2013. Upon returning to Singapore, she has since completed her Part A in 2015 and will be called to the Singapore bar early 2017.

Jacelyn is currently a practice trainee in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group and has assisted in, among others, the drafting of letters of demand, trade mark infringements and pleadings for various contractual disputes."

Nur Shafinah
Receptionist, Finance and Administration Department
Nur Shafinah is the cheery Receptionist of Samuel Seow Law Corporation, under the Finance and Administration Department. 

Finah has a wide range of experience in the area of front office administration and loves dealing with the soft mood lighting, music and scent which lingers in the air of our reception area.

In her free time, Finah loves to hang out with friends, play online games and engage in sporting activities.

Nur can be reached at
Brenda Kong
Practice Trainee

Brenda is a Practice Trainee in the Corporate and Commercial Practice Group of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

She was an intern in the firm in 2012 and 2013. After graduating from the University of Bristol in 2015, she returned to Samuel Seow Law Corporation as a Practice Trainee.

Under the guidance of our lawyers, Brenda has assisted in the reviewing and drafting of commercial agreements and has been actively involved in several matters relating to the niche area of media and entertainment law. Apart from the corporate and commercial work, Brenda has also assisted in drafting letters of demand and pleadings for contractual disputes.

Despite her small stature and seemingly soft-spoken appearance, Brenda is fun-loving and is not afraid to reveal her inner craziness under certain circumstances.

Yap Pei Yin
Practice Trainee

"Pei Yin joined the firm as a practice trainee in 2015, after graduating from the University of Bristol in the same year. She assisted the Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice Group. During her training period, Pei Yin assisted in a range of matters including a multi-million dollar contractual dispute, building and construction claims as well as contentious matrimonial and probate matters.

Pei Yin is presently taking the preparatory course leading to Part B of the Singapore Bar Examinations, with a view to being admitted as an advocate and solicitor in 2017."

Andy Sia
Finance Manager
Andy is the Financial Manager in the Finance and Administration Department of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

His decade-long stint in the Republic of Singapore Air Force as an Engineer has ingrained in Andy keen leadership skills as well as the ability to multi-task. Following that, Andy made a switch to the finance industry and joined a listed company in its Finance Consolidation Team for 4 years during which he further honed his skills.

In his free time, Andy enjoys playing soccer, bowling and running long distances. He runs a full marathon yearly to train up his mental strength, determination and ‘Never Give Up’ attitude.

Andy can be reached at 
Tan Huijun, Gina
Finance Executive

"Gina joins Samuel Seow Law corporation under our Finance and Administration department in 2015. As an affiliate of ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), she is now on the path to obtaining the membership status.

Off work, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends."

Celine Pang
Finance Executive
Celine is an Accounts Executive with the Finance and Administration Department of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

Before joining the Law Corporation, Celine had already acquired significant relevant experience in her years of professional working experience in the accounting and finance fields, as well as in Human Resource management.

She constantly seeks to improve herself and upgrade her skills, and to that end, she successfully completed the Certificate of “Book-keeping for Law Practices” from the Law Society of Singapore and the Certificate in “Payroll Administration” from the Singapore Human Resource Institute of Singapore.

In her free time Celine indulges in her interests in shopping, especially for new skincare products.

Celine can be reached at
Rafiee Bin Bakran
Despatch Clerk
Rafiee is the Despatch Clerk of Samuel Seow Law Corporation, under the Finance and Administration Department. 

He has a vast range of experience with regards to the delivery and service of court documents and also assists all the departments for other tasks assigned.

An easy going and friendly person, Rafiee spends his free time with his close-knit family.
Alice Goh
Junior Coporate Executive

I have many years of experience in office administration. Being meticulous, multi-task oriented and hardworking are my core competencies. I love to spend quality times with family members and occasionally meet up with friends. In my leisure time, I enjoy listening to songs and watching Korean dramas.

Yeow Jia Li, Calysta
Corporate Secretarial Executive
Equipped with excellent interpersonal skills and being widely travelled, "e;Never Stop Exploring"e; is Calysta Yeow’s life motto. The word "e;fail"e; is not in her dictionary as she believes that obstacles and challenges only allow a person to grow.

Although she is a Singaporean through and through, Calysta considers Barcelona as her second home as she is deeply in love with the city and its culture and visits her favourite city as and when she can.

Calysta can be reached at
Lai Keen Ling
Lai Keen Ling completed her Advanced Diploma in Business Management in Main Campus of Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in year 2009. In the same year, she obtained her Honours Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, United Kingdom as well. She is also a member of The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and her hobbies include singing and travelling around the world.
Samuel Seow An
Senior legal counsel, Lead arbitration practice
Samuel Seow An is a senior legal counsel of SSLC and leads its arbitration practice.

Qualified in Singapore and Australia, his experience includes managing commercial disputes across a range of industries, including construction, investment joint ventures, energy and healthcare. 

Having been based across South-East Asia, Samuel also possesses expertise in regional project financing (both government-linked and private) and the facilitation of investor relations (particularly in the regional energy and construction industries). He completed his legal training and was previously practising in the construction, energy and international arbitration departments of a large Singapore law practice.

Samuel is regularly invited to speak on investment law and international dispute resolution and convenes undergraduate and postgraduate law courses on these topics. He holds visiting and adjunct positions at universities in Thailand and Australia. Samuel has authored articles and book chapters for legal publications including the International Arbitration Review, Singapore Law Gazette and the Global Arbitration Review. Samuel holds a first class law degree from the Australian National University. 

Barrister & Solicitor, ACT Supreme Court, Australia
Barrister & Solicitor, High Court of Australia
Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore
Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours), ANU
Graduate Diploma Legal Practice, ANU
ICC Arbitration Certificate of Achievement

Visiting Lecturer, Thammasat University, Faculty of Law 
Adjunct Lecturer, University of Tasmania, Faculty of Law
Visiting Lecturer, University of New England, Faculty of Law
Deputy Managing Editor, International Arbitration Asia
Director, Seow-Choen Colorectal Surgery Pte Ltd

Representative Engagements
Guest Lecturer, “Developments in Investment Arbitration”, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Jakarta,
Indonesia (October 2016)
Speaker, “The Arbitration of IP Disputes”, Intellectual Property Academy Singapore, Global Executive
Institute, Singapore (October 2016)
Speaker, “The TPPA, Investment Arbitration & Developing Countries”, Colombo Supreme Court, Sri Lanka, (August 2016)
Speaker, “Increasing Transparency in State-Investor Dispute Resolution”, Justice Program, Canberra, Australia (November 2015) 
Moderator, Presentation to Ministry of Justice of Thailand officials on reform to Thailand’s anti-corruption legislation, Rajah & Tann Singapore, Singapore (August 2015)
Speaker, “Comparative Analysis of Arbitral Proceedings”, ASEAN Law Association, Bangkok, Thailand (March 2015)
Guest Lecturer, “Dispute Resolution Options in ASEAN”, Thammasat University Faculty of Law, Bangkok, Thailand (March 2015)
Speaker, “Developments in Arbitration Procedure” 10th Colloquium of the Thai Arbitration Institute, Office of the Judiciary, Bangkok, Thailand (August 2014)

Samuel can be reached at .
Sathinathan Karuppiah brings with him more than 20 years of legal experience. He garnered his experience in U.K. and also in Singapore with B Rao & K.S. Rajah, Karuppan Chettiar & Partners, before establishing Sathi Law Chambers, and eventually joining Samuel Seow Law Corporation. Eager to share his knowledge and experienced, Sathinathan is a frequent speaker and has lectured at the University of Newcastle, Australia on Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Laws and the SIM University (Singapore) on Human Factors and Safety Laws. He was also a Research Assistant with the Indiana University Intellectual Property Law & Humanities Department. His professional memberships include Member, Singapore Academy of Law, The Law Society of Singapore, FSIArb-Fellow, Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, MCIArb-Member, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inns of Court (UK), and a Member of Phi Alpha Delta (Indiana, USA). Sathinathan is an active grassroots leader in Singapore and was awarded the Public Service Medal and the Public Service Star, for having rendered valuable public service for the country. Sathinathan is a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths in Singapore. Sathinathan holds a LL.B (Hons) from the University of Wolverhampton in 1992, a LL.M, International Laws/Criminal Law from the University of Sussex and a LL.M, International Comparative & Intellectual Property Law from Indiana University (USA).
Timothy Wu
Timothy Wu started his legal career in Chris Chong & CT Ho Partnership and KhattarWong LLP, Singapore, advising on corporate and commercial matters, mediation, civil and criminal litigation. He later joined Hoerbiger KT Asia Holding Pte Ltd, providing legal advisory across various aspects of their business, including employment issues, to the Asia Pacific region. He was also a member of the organisation’s global legal team in Vienna, and global compliance in Zurich. Prior to joining Samuel Seow Law Corporation, Timothy was Compliance Counsel at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Singapore where he was responsible for overseeing and ensuring MBS’ compliance with, amongst others, the Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy. He was also responsible for managing relationships with government bodies and regulatory authorities. Timothy holds a Bachelor of Laws LLB from Murdoch University. He also volunteered at the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.
After graduating from the University of Nottingham with first-class honours, Ryan spent three and a half years as a Deputy Public Prosecutor and State Counsel with the Attorney-General's Chambers, where he prosecuted numerous criminal matters in the State Courts and had conduct of appellate matters in the High Court and Court of Appeal. He has a strong background in offences against the person and technology crime, and is currently pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law.
Wang Bo Chong
Practice Trainee
Wang Bo Chong is a Practice Trainee at Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

Bo Chong’s relentless quest for learning the law is evident in his stellar academic achievements. Having completed his Bachelor of Laws from Peking University and then, subsequently, his Masters of Law at the George Washington University, he has recently graduated from the Singapore Management University with a Doctor in Jurisprudence.

Bo Chong is equally proficient in English and Mandarin.

Bo Chong can be reached at .
Lim Tian Jun
Practice Trainee
Lim Tian Jun is a Practice Trainee in Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

After graduating from the School of Law of Singapore Management University, Tian Jun is looking towards being qualified as an Advocate and Solicitor in Singapore in the third quarter of 2017.

During his Practice Traineeship and under the guidance of our lawyers, Tian Jun has assisted in the drafting of advice pertaining to Intellectual Property matters - an area of law which he has a passionate interest in. 

Tian Jun can be reached at .
Tan Hui Jin
Practice Trainee
Tan Hui Jin is a Practice Trainee in the Intellectual Property Practice Group of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

Prior to graduating from the Singapore Management University in 2016, Hui Jin has assisted in both litigation and corporate work in several legal practices in Singapore.

Outside of work, Hui Jin enjoys scouring the island for good food and exercising with friends.

Hui Jin can be reached at .
Mark Tan
Practice Trainee
Mark Tan is a Practice Trainee in Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

Mark graduated from the University of Manchester with a LLB Hons. (Second Upper Division). However, he also holds a degree in Business Management from the Singapore Management University where he double majored in Finance and Strategic Management. Mark has also interned at a major bank in the capital markets area, giving him a good grounding in this field.

At Samuel Seow Law Corporation, Mark assists the Corporate and Commercial; and Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice Groups.

Mark excels in other areas of interests as well. He has represented Singapore in Swimming at many international competitions. As a national swimmer, he broke the national record in his pet event twice (you are free to guess which and check the answer with us). He also holds a Grade 8 certificate in Piano Forte.

Mark can be reached at .
Nadra Amirah
Corporate Secretarial Assistant
Nadra Amirah currently holds the title of being the youngest staff member of Samuel Seow Corporate Services Pte Ltd and is a Corporate Secretarial Assistant.

Prior to joining Samuel Seow Corporate Services, she had acquired 2 years of experience of working in a law firm. Today, despite the demanding nature of her job because of handling various tasks on a daily basis, she relishes in learning new things every day.

In her free time, Nadra likes to shop for skincare and watch YouTube videos.
Gayathri Sivasurian
Senior Legal Associate
Gayathri Sivasurian graduated from the National University of Singapore and was called to the Bar in 2010.  She is a Senior Legal Associate within the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.

In her 6 years in practice, she has undertaken a broad range of work in the field of commercial litigation, with an emphasis on construction and strata management disputes. She has and continues to be involved in contentious construction and civil engineering disputes and is primed to advise on all aspects of the same, whether it be in relation to the drafting of EPC contracts or commencing a claim in the Courts seeking reliefs arising from defects within buildings or moving a contentious matter towards a mutually-beneficial settlement. Besides acting in construction and strata title disputes, Gayathri has advised and represented individuals, multi-national corporations and international banks on a range of issues including contract, trust, insolvency, employment and defamation. She has handled several joint venture and shareholder disputes and claims involving fraud, breach of directors’ duties and complex contractual disputes.

Some of the significant matters which she has been involved in include:
Representing one of the directors of a joint venture company in defending a claim commenced pursuant to Section 216 of the Companies Act by a public-listed company
Representing a management corporation of a luxurious, high-rise development in a suit brought against a private property developer for alleged defects in the common property
Acting for council members of a management corporation in defending claims of fraud, misrepresentation and wrongful conduct by a faction of subsidiary proprietors
Acting for a management corporation before the Strata Titles Board involving applications by the MCST and cross-applications by several subsidiary proprietors in relation to the enforcement of the MCST’s by-laws against the said subsidiary proprietors
Acting for a major foreign bank in contested proceedings arising out of an employment agreement in the Supreme Court of Singapore and advising on matters arising from related proceedings in the Swiss Labour Court
Acting for a listed-company in defending a multi-million dollar claim commenced against it to seek specific performance of a sale and purchase agreement relating to a JTC property
Assisting in an application for judicial review under Order 53 of the Rules of Court, in relation to the seizure of funds by the Commercial Affairs Department

During the notional free time that she is entitled to, Gayathri loves to work out at the gym and travel.

Gayathri can be reached at .